During the pandemic, everything came to a halt, except for the music. The growth that occurred during this time propelled national scene artists to become the most listened to in Latin music. 

That's why, in an era where collaborations were the way to reach new audiences, we partnered with the country's top 5 artists to create a unique edition of the best-selling beer in the country.

This was Brahma x Our Music, a collaboration where Lali, Nicki Nicole, Duki, BZRP, and L-Gante joined forces with Brahma to celebrate the great moment of our music. 

A 360-degree campaign where for 9 months, we gradually unveiled each artist in teasers, fueling the conversation about what was coming next.

Finally, we launched a grand commercial that showcased the incredible gathering of Argentine music, because when there's more music, there are more gatherings. 

As if that wasn't enough, we celebrated this moment by releasing a mashup by Bizarrap of the most listened-to songs of each artist, an event at the Konex with Lit Killah and Julio Leiva, streamed live on Twitch, and many other actions that made the brand the most associated with music.