Netflix MÉXICO



The theory of 6 degrees of separation states that any person on the planet is connected to any other through a chain of coincidences spanning only 6 degrees of separation."

So, to help people discover titles that no algorithm would recommend to them, we asked ourselves, is Netflix's universe as vast as to find connections between all our titles?

And over the course of 10 episodes released throughout a year, we discovered that it was. Through the renowned Mexican content creator Javier Ibarreche, we connected different titles in an unconventional way, with intriguing conversations between a cinephile and S.O.F.I., the all-knowing AI that assisted them.

Episodes were made where we connected "Cobra Kai" with "Ctrl Z," "Emily in Paris" with "El Baile de los 41," and the Korean movie "Parasite" with the Mexican series "Rebelde," proving that in the Netflix universe, everything is connected.

You can check out the complete playlist here.